Reliquaries Series I  2011-2015    Series II  2014

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Relics of the Reliquary Series are a play or gentle satirical parody on Roman Catholic relics and reliquaries using body parts to represent contemporary pop stars, theatrical persons, cultural icons, and Superheroines. Instead of being stored in an old-fashioned wood or glass box, each relic is displayed in a contemporary Plexiglas reliquary container.

Reliquary Series I : 21st C. Contemporary Cultural Relics - Fergie, Lady Gaga, Cher, Princess Di, RuPaul, Madonna, Nikki Minaj. Each ceramic arm in this series of seven sculptures represents a particular personage. The small hand-sculpted arms are decorated with brightly colored under glaze stripes, shiny glazed fingernails, and with colorful feathers emanating from the upper part of the arm symbolizing blood and martyrdom. The clay was low fired and smoked to create a sensation of age. These relics are displayed upon an elegant fabric cushion, sewn by the artist.

Reliquary Series II : 21st C. Superheroine Pop Icon - Wonder Woman - Sheena Queen of the Jungle, - Batgirl: - Ms. Marvel. These reliquaries also use a body part to represent four very well known female Superheroine counterparts of comic book Superheroes from the Golden Age of Comic Books, a period lasting from the late 1930's until the early 1950's. The ceramic cushion is embellished with an iconic image decal constructed by the artist in Photoshop of a famous comic book woman, accompanied by her name in writing. The small ceramic arm relic now rests upon a ceramic, rather than fabric cushion. These hands also have long shiny red talons, and feathers emanating from the upper arm symbolizing blood.

Materials: clay, feathers, fabric, installed in 8"x 8"x 8" Plexiglas containers.