Ok, Clay Ball 1988

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Baseball fascinates and inspires me. My enthusiasm for this fabulous American pastime extends into my work as an artist. When growing up in Michigan, I was a stalwart supporter of the Detroit Tigers and fabulous ball players such as Al Kaline and Hal Neuhauser. After moving to Oneonta, New York, in 1966, and attending many Oneonta New York Yankee farm club games, my allegiance to the Detroit Tigers expanded to include those indomitable New York Yankees.

In 1988 for an invitational exhibition, "Women Artists Salute Women Baseball Players," Gallery 53, Cooperstown, NY; I made a ceramic sculpture installation called, OK, Clay Ball. It is composed of 23 clay baseballs that were accompanied by six photographs of the Oneonta New York Yankees signing them. In addition, I have made a number of baseball drawings, using graphite, that appear super real Then, as luck would have it, the NY Yankees pulled out their farm club from Oneonta in 1999. However, a Detroit Tiger farm club moved in-how wonderful for me. I have loved watching the local baseball games and having the good fortune of seeing many players and managers advance from the small town of Oneonta to the big time. Also, living in the proximity of Cooperstown, NY, visiting The National Baseball Hall of Fame, seeing marvelous displays, and being caught up in the ceremonial aspects of Hall of Fame activities and games has been a terrific bonus for this baseball fan.